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Security consultants, password policies and insider threats. Manage sensitive information in your company. 

Many companies faced the problem of information security. We have published a set of articles that cover most important file-security related aspects. We discuss the role of security consultants, password policies and insider threats.

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Issue 8, April 22, 2005

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Some articles about file security issues in company and private, including:

1) Insider threat to corporate information security  

2) Security consultant

3) Password policy

4) Policy for hidden password protected files

5) Password protection in company

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Insider threat to corporate information security

Unauthorized access to information resources by trusted insiders poses even greater threat to corporate security than external attacks, as insiders typically have legitimate reasons to access sensitive information, such as corporate data and customer database.

Insiders often possess information of substantial value as they may obtain access to their employer’s information systems and find a way around existing security measures through legitimate means. Insider activity might involve such incidents as compromising, manipulating, exceeding authorized access to, tampering with and even disabling company’s information resources, workstation, or network. 

In many cases, security breaches require little technical sophistication: trusted insiders often abuse company’s non-technical vulnerabilities, such as business rules and organization policies, rather than vulnerabilities in information systems and network. In this connection, it is essential for corporate management to secure confidential information resources from unauthorized access by employees at all levels. However, innovative technology providing for data content analysis and intelligent monitoring, may also be of great help.

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Security consultant

In the technology driven world, information has obtained a key role in business development. As the number of services grows, more people on the staff should have quick access to the vital information. This may of course lead to information security breaches. To protect an organization’s valuable information from being accessed by the wrong people, an organization needs an effective security policy which is designed to assess and reduce information vulnerability risks.

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Password policy

Passwords were first introduced in the 1960s to protect individual and organizational information. Since then, the conception of a reliable password has become much more elaborate. Password selection now plays a vital role in information security.

To protect your information against a potential attack, you need to implement a strong password policy as part of information security strategy. Password policy is a set of rules concerning accessibility, length, types, characters and symbols of the password and the frequency it is changed.

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Policy for password protected files

Everyone is aware of a wide range of potential risks associated with trusting business-critical and confidential information to computer memory. The files containing important information must be secure enough and protected by a strong password. However, password-protected files are often targeted by attackers. Once the password protected file is disclosed, the risk to of the password interception is considerably increased.

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Password protection in company

As the amount of important information resources a company has to deal with is growing rapidly, more and more efforts are being taken to protect these resources. To secure an organization’s confidential data effectively, information security policy should be set in place. Security policy is usually implemented by a security consultant. Security consultant works out specific practices and procedures that will reduce the possibility of an information attack and minimize the damage caused by such an attack.  

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