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Issue 3, November 25, 2004


Find Protected News And Related Reviews


In this issue you will find:

1)      Find Protected to scan local computer

2)      Temporary registration key


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(1) Show Hidden Files to scan local computer


We have a number of user’s feedbacks about how do people use our Find Protected. As for users from large companies and organizations, such as police, people use Show Hidden Files to ensure security policy or find files protected with password.


Most home users purchase Show Hidden Files in order to located sensitive files on local disk.


Also, we have a number of requests to add a support of Adobe Acrobat PDF files, so people will be able to search and find PDFs protected with password.



(2) Temporary registration key for all subscribers of Show Hidden Files Newsletter


We are glad to suggest a temporary registration key for all subscribers of Show Hidden Files Newsletter. With this key you will be able to use Show Hidden Files for 3 days (expired on 28 November 2004). We do this as it’s a great way to let you try Show Hidden Files again, even if your copy has expired:


Temporary registration key:









1)      Download Show Hidden Files from

2)      Run Show Hidden Files

3)      Select “Enter registration code” in Help menu

4)      Copy and paste the registration code into the text box

5)      Re-start Show Hidden Files

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This newsletter coming every 3-weeks and we are happy that you read it and find it useful. If you think that others, for instance your friends or colleagues, can benefit from it then please, share subscription url with them

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