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Supported types of programs
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Is there a chance to learn much about your system in just 60 seconds?

Let's check it:
-- Select Start > Recent files - here is the list of recently opened files
-- Run MS Word and select Recent files in File menu - this is the list of recently edited files
-- Open any office program or utility - you will find a lot of traces!

Do you really need all this recent records? Sure! Yes! Because it's sometime very useful to open recently edited file.

Do you want some other person to access this list? No!

Today you can get a handy tool that will clear your records about recently opened files in just one click.

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Get RecentCleaner to protect your privacy

RecentCleaner description

RecentCleaner is a personal privacy tool designed to clear recent files lists of various software tools. Clearing of recent files list makes impossible for intruder to recover any traces of recently accessed files, making it’s really hard to find important files quickly.

RecentCleaner is a plug-in based utility; authors will be able to improve it continuously by adding support of new programs. Now RecentCleaner supports cleaning of recent file records in popular MS Office applications, such as Word, Excel, Power Point, FrontPage, Windows Recent files are supported. Also, RecentCleaner supports WinZip and WinRAR utilities. At official web-sites authors of RecentCleaner suggest people to contact them with requests for a new plug-ins.

RecentCleaner interface is divided into three parts – Applications, Items and Commands. Application list is represented as a tree, where the root elements are groups, such as Office, Utilities, System. Opening each element gives access to a list of recent records for every specified program. Items section shows what information is accessible for possible intruder.

With RecentCleaner it’s easy to protect privacy. One can run RecentCleaner and click “Clear All” button. After this program will scan all supported programs for recent files and clear all records. It’s possible to delete only some records by checking certain items in Items list.

RecentCleaner has reporting feature, which provides users with a detailed report about what records are available for cleaning and what recent files were cleaned. This report could also help to locate some file that was access recently.

Get RecentCleaner to protect your privacy

RecentCleaner Screenshots

The list of supported programs

The list of found recently opened files for WinZip utility

Command pane - user can clear all records, clear selected records of generate a report.

Report sample:


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