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MS Word recent files or MRU files

.doc files are not so harmless as they seem to be

RecentCleaner is there to help you

MS Word always creates links to recent files. They are kept on your hard drive as hidden or system files and usually are not shown. Nevertheless, with the right tools the intruders use it can be recovered and information it leads to can be stolen.

Give the intruders or anyone who wants to get access to your personal or company info a break with the RecentCleaner!

Although the functionality of the RecentCleaner is limited and it's capable of deleting the recent files of only the most popular software, it's easy-to-install, handy and easy-to-use, too.

To delete the list of the .doc files, you've recently worked with, click 'Word' in bar on the left, select those recent files you want to delete and, obviously enough, click 'Clear Selected Items'. Thus, intruders were sent home empty-handed.

Also, with the RecentCleaner you can clean:

As an expert, I would certainly advise you to use the software like RecentCleaner to prevent risks the recent files can lead to.

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