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WinRar recent or MRU files

You can lock archive with the password.

RecentCleaner can clean the 'recent'.

I mean that even when you lock the actual archive with password and thus secure it from unwanted access, the recent files still can be recovered. That's why in order to prevent the possible risks you should use the RecentCleaner

The list of recently opened archives, for instance, is kept on your hard drive and can be easily recovered.

Just like with the MS Office package, the RecentCleaner is up to cleaning the list of recently opened and created archives.

Select WinRar in the left bar if you wish to delete the list of recent archives. Select from the list those recent files you want to clean your system of and click "Clear Selected Items".

See, now your archives are safe indeed. The archive is locked, the recent file which leads to actual archive is deleted.

Also, with the RecentCleaner you can clean:

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