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MS FrontPage recent or MRU files

Want to create your web pages in a secure way?

RecentCleaner is your guide for that

As I am working in Front Page right now making this page and after that I am going to send it to the web master. The thing is after my work is done I don't want anyone to catch the info about the web pages I've been working with.

If I haven't been using RecentCleaner, they really could be stolen via the list of recently opened and created web pages.

That's why when my job is done, I open the RecentCleaner, do a few clicks and feel safe. In the same way, one picks a FrontPage in the left bar, selects the link files to the recent web pages he wants to delete and clicks "Clear Selected Items"

Now the work is done and the list of recent web pages is cleared up. Nobody will get access to recently opened web pages. That's what my choice is! Safety and privacy.

Also, with the RecentCleaner you can clean:

As an expert, I would certainly advise you to use the software like RecentCleaner to prevent risks the recent files can lead to.

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