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MS Excel recent or MRU files

Excel creates recent files because it has to.

Intruders steal info via recent files because they can.

But now they won't. Your system is safe providing that you got the RecentCleaner. Recent cleaner is completely up to cleaning the MS Excel recent files.

Assume, you've created an excel table. Excel creates the link to this table - the recent file. It is neither shown, nor it is editable. Still, it has all the info about the actual file.

To delete the list of the recent Excel tables, just click 'Excel' in bar on the left, select those link files to the recent tables you want to delete and, obviously enough, click 'Clear Selected Items'. See, now the info about your files cannot be recovered anyhow!

Also, with the RecentCleaner you can clean:

As an expert, I would certainly advise you to use the software like RecentCleaner to prevent risks the recent files can lead to.

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