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MS Access recent or MRU files

Protect your databases created with MS Access.

Drive intruders away with the RecentCleaner.

Whenever you create a database using MS Access, a hidden recent file is created, a link to the actual file, which can lead to the risks of information leakage.

RecentCleaner is a tool, specially developed to clear the recent files, and it is able to clear the list of recently opened databases.

Let's say, you've created an Access database. MS Access creates the link to the document - the recent file. It is neither shown, nor it is editable. Meanwhile, it can give out all the info about the actual file.

To clear the list of the recent Access databases, just click 'Access' in bar on the left, select those recent databases you want to delete and, obviously enough, click 'Clear Selected Items'. See, 3 clicks drove the intruders away!

Also, with the RecentCleaner you can clean:

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