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Run Show Hidden Files as COM Server


Show Hidden Files newsletter is about password protection, password recovery and searching password protectedFind Protected is a security utility designed to find password protected files of various types - .zip, .rar, Word .doc, Excel .xls, PGP disks. We have a version of Show Hidden Files that was designed to be included in other applications and security suites. Please, find all details below:


How to use COM Server


Download COM Server version: 


After installation in C:\Program Files\Show Hidden Files you will find:

1) findprotected.exe -- it's a COM server, you should install it with regsvr32 or just run once so the sever will be installed.

2) FP_COM_test.exe -- the sample program written in Delphi, that shows how to use FP as a COM server. You will find sources in Delphi in

3) findprotected_com.hlp - small help file for COM server procedures;


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