Benefits and Features


Show Hidden Files is a "must-have" security utility for company of any size. Find out in what way Show Hidden Files may be beneficial for you and your company.


With Show Hidden Files you can:

  • Find password protected files. With Show Hidden Files you can find some password protected files. It may be a electronic documents in the format of MS Office, for example MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access; 

  • Find password protected archives. Show Hidden Files allows to locate WinZip and WinRar password protected archives;

  • Find other encrypted files. With Show Hidden Files you can find PGP Disk, which is a encrypted place to keep files; 

  • Manage found files. You can get a copy of a password protected files or get a list of those files; 

Using Show Hidden Files is important due to several reasons:

  • You can check the security policy of your company. Show Hidden Files lets you guard an important aspect of the company's security policy's. It's important to know if any employee brake security policy by using some security means, for example creating a password protected files or using special encryption means, such as PGP.

  • You can find lost business-critical information. With Show Hidden Files you can easily find a lost business-critical information. As some important information should have a password protection, then you can easily find those files with Find Protected.